From Stephen Kozak


(parody of Pinball Wizard from The Who's "Tommy". Main setting- A New Hope)
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Luke: Ever since I was a young boy
I've lived on Tatooine
from Anchorhead to Toschi
All of it I've seen.
Uncle treats me like a kid now
because I'm just a teen
R2 can tell you, that
3PO's just a big ween!

R2 ran away one day
to find a Jedi Knight.
We came across some Jawas
All killed in a fight.
They killed my family too,
those bastards just ain't right
Kenobi's on our side now
He will show them the light!

Yoda: He's a Jedi Wizard
He's got to use the Force
A Jedi Wizard
kicked some ass in the Clone Wars

Chewie: How do you think he does it?
Han: I don't care
Leia: What makes him so good?

Ben: I am the main distraction
so my friends can get away.
Even if Han doesn't like me
I still think he's okay.
Vader's getting close
looks scarier each day
Twisted-and- Evil Man
better know his Force or Pay!

Vader: When I left you,
I was but to learn,
Now I am the
Master over you (do tedoo, do tedoo)

Ben: Falcon's taken off now
Vader killed me dead
I'm just a ghost now,
I glow blue instead of red.
I can still give people orders
Luke hears me in his head.
He's flying down the trench now
Death Star's about to get fed!