Ian Moore
4418 Hamilton Dr.
Woodbridge, Virginia 22193
Daytime Telephone: 703-670-0464
Evening Telephone: 703-494-1715

Position Desired

HTML / JavaScript Programmer


Currently enrolled at NOVA
Persuing a degree in Computer Science

Strayer College
One course : Intro to Microcomputer Systems

Garfield Senior High School
Graduated with standard diploma .

Employment History

Chesapeake Bay Seafood House , Cook
Responsibilities include antisipating business and cooking food accordingly .

Friendly's Icecream Corp. , Shift Supervisor
Responsibilities included keeping customer satisfied, sending employees home according
to business trends and payroll budget, and ordering product .

Employment Reference

Mr. Steve Simpkins , Telephone 703-494-1715
Chesapeake Bay Seafood House
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191