Moister farm De-Owen

(sung by C-3PO to the tune of "Hotel California")
(Please wait while Midi loads)
On a hot desert planet
(I was not quite sure where)
Smell of bantha fodder
Rising up through the air.
Up ahead in the distance,
I saw a flickering light.
I threw my arms up and I yelled real loud,
A Sandcrawler was in sight!
I woke up inside the transport,
And hit my head with a BONK!
They got a lotta pretty, pretty droids,
(One called "Gonk").
Then they opened the hatchway
("Step down . . . watch your head.")
The two guys standing there were buying me.
That's when the little one said:
"Welcome to the Moisture Farm de Owen.
Such a boring place (such a boring place)
Wish I was in space.
Plenty of room at the Moisture Farm de Owen
Any time of year (any time of year)
It's hot as hell in here."
Artoo went looking for Obi,
(But boy, that oil bath felt good)
When Luke got pummeled he was rescued
By this old coot in a hood.
Then we found all those Jawas,
dead by their van.
"These marks, too accurate for Sandpeople . . .
Musta been Darth Vader's plan."
Welcome to the Moisture Farm de Owen
Such a lengthy trip (such a lengthy trip)
Burned to a crisp.
There's smoke rising out of the Moisture Farm de Owen
"Where's my Aunt and Unc? . . . (where's my aunt and unc)
Oh, they're now defunct."
(slows down)
When Luke came back from the homestead,
He really looked pretty glum.
"You would've been killed as well, Luke . . .
There's nothing you could have done."
So we went to Mos Eisley,
To try and hitch us a ride.
That's when we met up with Han Solo, and a
Big hairy oaf by his side!
(bongo riff, speeds up)
Last thing I remember, I was
Hiding behind a door.
I had to find a passage back to
Docking Bay 94.
"Blip blip," said the spy man, and the
Troopers gathered around.
They started shooting at our pilot . . .
We couldn't get off the ground!!!
(long guitary ending)