Payin' Jedi
From David Skeen

To the tune of Stayin' Alive

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Luke:Well you can tell by the way that I hang my
hand I'm a cyborged man, oh yes I am
You can see my sabers bare I give all I can, I give
all I can
I give all I can, yes I do but I teach a JUW(Jedi
Univercity for Women)
Ya outta' see my princess shes over by my big X-

Chourus:Whether your a Imp or whether your a Rebel
your payin' Jedi, Payin' Jedi
Big city spender or little Jawa squenger your
payin' Jedi, Payin' Jedi,
Ah ah ah ah payin' Jedi, payin' Jedi
Ah ah ah ah payin' Jediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
You'd better pay theeemmm, and don't belay theeemmm
Payin' Jedi!!!!

Luke:Well I once met this guy named Obi-Wan
Told him I wanted to fight, told 'im I wasn't
liein', he said
'Oh ya better watch what yer tryin' or you may find
yourself a fryin, ya better check yer own heart an
give yourself a brand new start',


Ackbar:Well when I give to the ones who are really
fine 'cause it's not mine, no it's not mine
Vader wants to make me think I want every dime,
every dime, but my Jedi say 'ya have recived, ya
did not need the Saturn V, we only met to do your
best and we'll see that your truly blessed'

Chourus(dying away)

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